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Table 9 Sample negative comments regarding various aspects of message content

From: How does this message make you feel? A study of user perspectives on software update/warning message design

Reponse Image #
It doesn’t say anything about the update at all. It doesn’t let you know what’s actually is being done to your computer and what benefit you get from doing the update 01
It was confusing to note that definitions had been created such a long time ago, but then the notation states, “these definitions are updated automatically”. One would think that any manual update would then not be needed as definitions would always stay current 08
The message seems to suggest a download that does not make too many changes and almost seems like it would not be worth the time to download it 11
Firefox doesn’t need this red box to get users’ attention because it’s just a browser not anti-virus software. No disadvantages to use an old version. No hurts to computers 02
I think it focuses on features that I won’t use, especially using buzzwords and jargon. This may be more about Microsoft’s tendency to release big versions of new software, compared to Chrome and Firefox iterating frequently 03
It was too long. The list of things that the update improves upon should be bulleted or written in some sort of list 04
Uses language not every user could understand 04
The vibrant colors and use of scary words (“infected,” “malware,” “threat”) definitely make this a very urgent and noticeable message, but if I haven’t seen this before, I would wonder if it was fake (and is actually trying to get me to install some malware). I would like more definitions of terms, and descriptions of what the buttons (particularly “quarantine” and “repair”) will do 05
I dislike that it sounds like this update is going to make a bunch of changes to my device that I would not like. I also dislike that I don’t know what Firmware is and that it is not clear whether or not I would get charged for the update 06
There’s a lot of text to read. The words “incur additional charges” immediately makes me want to delay downloading the update, or not update at all. I can see that it is a large sized download, and may take a long time, so that may make me want to delay it further. I don’t like that I will lose some of my settings as a result of the upgrade. The button about Wi-Fi Settings is a little confusing, although after thinking about it I can guess that it is to make sure I am satisfied with my network settings before possibly using my data plan 06
I’m not sure what a spyware definition is, so I don’t know how important it is to update it 08
It talks about security which is important but it’s only saying it would be good to update things, not that it’s in danger 08
I dislike that the message does not tell me what is going to change about Skype 09
People don’t like to change unless they have to, thus I’m not going to change something that works. And firefox is clearly working and will continue to work if I do or do not update 12
I dislike how I don’t understand what some of the words mean like “Ubuntu” and “regular releases” 13
I mostly dislike the names of the items in the message. I have no clue what Quantal Quetzal is an I doubt I would remember the name 13