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Table 1 Software packages for social network analysis

From: When social computing meets soft computing: opportunities and insights

No General software packages Specialized software packages
Type Academic/free Academic/free
1 Agna
Applied graph and network analysis
Network dynamics
2 DyNet (SE and LS) [91]
Data-driven visualizations
Competing idea diffusion agent based model
The graph exploration system
CFinder [92]
Finding and visualizing dense groups
4 Pajek [93]
Program for large network analysis
Commetrix [94]
Dynamic network visualization and analysis
5 NodeXL [95]: viewing and analyzing network graphs PGRAPH [96]: Kinship networks
6 igraph (R, Python, C) [97]
Creating and manipulating graphs
Analyzing and visualizing virtual information space
7 NetVis [98]: dynamic visualization of social networks E-Net [99]: Ego-NETwork analysis
8 ORA [100]: dynamic network analysis EgoNet [101]: egocentric networks
9 SocNetV: social networks visualiser KeyPlayer [102]: identifying nodes
10 UCINET 6 [103]
Comprehensive social network analysis software
KliqFinder: cohesive subgroups
11 visone: analyis and visualization of social networks Network genie: network surveys
12 JUNG (Java): Java Universal Network/graph framework PNet: exponential random graph models (ERGMs)
13 libSNA (Python)
Open-source library for social network analysis
Analyzing and visualizing virtual information spaces
14 NetworkX (Python) [104]: package for complex networks StOCNET [105]: statistical analysis